LD-308 RO Antiscalant And Dispersant

LD-308 is a high-efficiency liquid scale inhibitor formula, which can strongly prevent the precipitation of carbonate, sulfate, especially silicon and other solid particles or

LD 191 RO Antiscalant And Dispersant
191 is a liquid scale inhibitor / dispersant with high efficiency. It is used to control the scaling caused by CaCO3, CaSO4, BaSO4, SrSO4 and ferric oxide precipitation in membrane separation system.
LD 200 RO Antiscalant And Dispersant For RO Membrane
LD200 is a kind of liquid scale inhibitor / dispersant without phosphorus, which is used to control scale deposition in membrane separation system. Reduce the possibility of particles on the surface of the fouling film.
LD 220 RO Antiscalant And Dispersant
LD220 is a highly efficient liquid  scale inhibitor formula, which can strongly prevent the precipitation of solid particles or precipitates, such as carbonate, sulfate, silicate, ferric oxide, aluminum, etc., can evenly disperse the existing blockin
LD 400 RO Deoxidizer
LD 400 is a rapid reducing agent , which is mainly used to remove residual chlorine from reverse osmosis membrane into water and is suitable for various reverse osmosis membranes .
LD 300 RO Antiscalant And Dispersant
LD300 is a highly effective liquid scale inhibitor formula for the control of various inorganic salts in membrane systems such as reverse osmosis or ultrafiltration, colloid and organic fouling on the membrane.
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