Following our company's export of reverse osmosis scale inhibitor and reverse osmosis bactericide in the last quarter of this year, the export of reverse osmosis antiscalants and reverse osmosis bactericides were exported to the port for customs clearance. After adding our company's pharmaceuticals on site, the operation was stable. Customers reported that the use of pharmaceuticals was very effective, and continued to add a second batch of water treatment agents. . After receiving the order, our company arranges production according to high-quality implementation standards. After a series of procedures such as delivery and customs declaration, the second batch of water treatment chemicals successfully entered the port for customs clearance on June 22 and arrived at the hands of foreign customers after more than a month. The product quality and delivery speed have been affirmed by customers!

      After fifteen years of trials and hardships, Shandong Ludong Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. has experienced a strong R&D, production, sales, and engineering construction team, and has accumulated rich professional experience in equipment upgrading, transformation, and operation plans. Our company exports to many countries and regions with high-quality products, considerate service and good reputation.

     The reverse osmosis water treatment agent and circulating water treatment agent produced by our company are suitable for a wide range of customers, mainly suitable for the following types of customers:

1. The system is aging and the operation is unstable, which cannot meet the current needs of use;

2. Due to environmental protection requirements and changes in water sources, the current configuration cannot operate normally;

3. Recycling and utilization of concentrated brine;

4. The life of the reverse osmosis membrane has expired, and the water mixing is not up to the standard;

     At the same time, as a comprehensive solution service provider for water resources recycling, our company contracted various circulating water systems and professional pure water systems, and contracted operation of reclaimed water recovery system projects, which can maximize equipment operation efficiency and reduce production costs for customers. Ludong adheres to the business philosophy of quality casting belief and service creating the future, and invites you to join hands in creating clear water and blue sky!

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