New journey, new actions, Ludong adheres to the spirit of a great country's water craftsman, and adheres to the idea of technology leadership, as always, strengthens internal training management, improves the level of sorting out technical teams, and continuously optimizes service quality. Our company's own technology system has been formed. At the same time, we think about what customers think and solve their urgency, and have won unanimous praise and recognition from our customers.

      In terms of market business, with the efforts of our sales department recently, our overseas business department made a good start in the first quarter and exported more than 300 tons of pharmaceuticals, which is the highest record in export orders. The department overcame all kinds of difficulties to personally go to the site to debug the equipment and do water quality analysis. The customer received the drug and the effect was very good. They are full of praise for our products and services, and look forward to cooperating with us again!

      In the next work, we will continue to maintain the performance advantage of the first quarter, closely focus on the company's work priorities, do a good job in customer service and technical learning, and continue to work hard to create a new world!

     Our company's main products:
       Reverse osmosis series: reverse osmosis scale inhibitor, oxidizing bactericide, non-oxidizing bactericide, reducing agent, acid-base cleaning agent, flocculant, etc.
      Circulating water series: corrosion and scale inhibitor, oxidative fungicide, non-oxidative fungicide, copper corrosion inhibitor, slime stripper, cleaning pre-filming agent, cleaning corrosion inhibitor, etc.
      Sewage series: polyacrylamide, polyaluminum chloride, defoamer, deodorant, phosphorus removal agent.

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